Choosing Your Way of Learning


Choosing Your Way of Learning


  For ideal learning efficiency and effect, “China Panorama” has specially designed the “Blended Learning” mode, in which you are free to choose your way of learning according to your own conditions, such as time, location, progress, etc.


  In the “blended learning” mode, you are capable of fulfilling the “input” of language and culture knowledge through online self-study and meanwhile completing language “output” and the culture “experience” through online /offline class.

myechinese 学习模式

在线自学+线上课堂 Online Self-Study + Online Class


  With blended learning mode, you can make appointment any time for online classes, and your learning potentials will be fully explored.


  Suggestion: 1-2 class-hours of online class for each unit of online course.

在线自学+线下课堂 Online Self-Study + Offline Class


  With offline class, your “input” from the self-study will be turned into “output” in a maximized way.


  Suggestion: 2~4 sessions of offline class for each unit of the online course.

在线自学+线上课堂+线下课堂 Online Self-Study + Online Class + Offline Class


  More native, useful and standard Chinese can be handled through the combination of online self-study, online class and offline class study in a very short period of time.


  Suggestion: 2 sessions of online class + 2 sessions of offline class for each unit of the online course.


With “China Panorama”, Pay Less,Gain Max!

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